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Silverton Ag Department
Calvin Daugherty
Ag science teacher/ FFA Advisor
The Ag Department has been busy making many improvement around the the campus, shop, and Ag farm.
Please feel free to stop by and pay us a visit anytime. My conference is second period and begins at 8:45.   

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The Silverton FFA Scholarship form can also be found on this site.

Here you can find a complete calendar of everything from FFA events to ACT sign up deadlines. 

Kooper and Elizabeth are some of our Jr. Ag mech showers this year. 
They are welding some of there first welds getting ready to start there projects.
Kooper and elizabeth will be making a can crusher much like the one in this video. 

Other projects to be taken to major shows. 
Horse Stock- Jennifer Miller
Frount End Replacement-Gavin Smith
Turn table -Hayden Miller
Headace Rack- Caleb Miller
Can Crusher- Kooper Cox & Elizabeth Holt
Junkyard Grill- Harley Wadlow
Swing- Kortney Cox 
Composter- Kallie cox
Picknic Table- MeKena McJimsey
Pickup Receiver Hitch Crane- Daniel Walton  

Jen welds on her horse stock.By the time she finishes she will have welded 2,350 inches of weld.

Kallie cuts pieces for her composer.  

Daniel Squares his mast pipe

Kortney hard at work making her corners look fabulous. 

Mesa Keeps everything square. 

Zane tacking together the frame of his shop rollers. 

Hayden making his table top smooth. 

Kooper and Elizabeth having fun with fractions and squaring a door for their can crusher. 

"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude."
-Thomas Jefferson-

Some fun pics from the Ag Shop.